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Aires Shield products are designed to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. EMF Radiation emitted from mobile phones, tablets, and all household electrical devices can be easily blocked and neutralized. Often we're oblivious to these invisible dangers and they go unnoticed. Protect yourself and your family and live with peace of mind thanks to Crysta Technologies.

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EMF Protection

Best Seller - The award winning Aires Shield Extreme is a silicon based microprocessor that neutralises harmful radiation. Applied to your Mobile Phone it effectively neutralises the electromagnetic radiation being emitted, without affecting the phones performance.

Take control of your health

You don't have to go to the ends of the earth to avoid EMF radiation, but there are a few simple changes you can make to reduce your exposure and the risks associated with electromagnetic radiation. Here we've compiled a list of great advice and precautions you can take to live a healthier life without worrying about EMF.

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